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5 Ways to Improve Your Heat Pump’s Performance

An outdoor heat pump during the winter at a residence in Newark, OH.

At True North, our professionals are always available to give you exceptional service and quality advice if you’re interested in improving the performance of your home’s heat pump. Follow these simple tips to improve the temperature in your Newark, OH, home and save energy as well as money. Your comfort is our top priority.

Use Your Heat Pump All Winter Long

Even on the coldest winter day, the most efficient heating system is a high-performance heat pump. If you have both a heat pump and a boiler or furnace, the heat pump will save you the most energy. Heat pumps are most efficient when they maintain a constant temperature. Turning down a heat pump when you are away or asleep may consume more energy than leaving it running. This is because it requires more energy to return to the desired temperature than to maintain it. Set it to a suitable temperature and forget about it. Changing the temperature for brief durations, such as overnight, will not result in cost savings with a heat pump.

Optimize Fan Speed and Air Flow Direction

If the auto fan setting does not distribute the heated or cooled air widely enough, adjust the speed to the lowest level that meets your requirements. The airflow on a heat pump is simple to redirect. To optimize reach, the air should be directed toward the farthest open space from the inside unit and away from any obstructions. You may have to experiment to determine what is most comfortable. If you have any trouble adjusting your heat pump or you think you may need repairs, simply contact our experts for our exceptional heat pump services.


A dust filter before and after cleaning. Cleaning the filter improves air quality and ensures the continued performance of the unit in Newark, OH.

Clean Your Filters

Heat pumps function well when dust filters are clean. When the dust filters become noticeably soiled or when the indicator light illuminates, you should vacuum or rinse them. The frequency of cleaning might range from weeks to months based on the amount of use and dust accumulation. For information on how to remove the filters, consult your user manual or contact our experts at True North in Newark, OH. We are available to provide expert service Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Trust our fully licensed and certified team—they have all the best tools and experience in the industry to ensure your total satisfaction with every job.

Avoid Auto Mode

Heat pumps maintain a consistent temperature in “Auto” mode by alternating between “Cool” and “Heat” modes. Use “Heat” mode instead of “Auto” to avoid mistakenly activating the air conditioner on a sunny midwinter day or when a wood burner is operating. Similarly, to prevent unintentional heating on a cool summer evening, use “Cool,” “Dry,” or “Fan” modes rather than “Auto.” If you’re having an unusually warm winter season, there are three heat pump modes. The “fan” consumes the least amount of energy and may suffice when you need a little relief, but it will not cool the area, so be sure to turn it off before you leave. “Dry” mode helps reduce humidity and make the environment more comfortable when it is warm and humid. The “Cool” setting is optimal for lowering the temperature and may be suitable for the hottest days, though you likely won’t need to worry about these settings until spring or summer.


A collection of professional HVAC tools to service homes in Newark, OH.

Get Your Heat Pump Professionally Serviced

In addition to routine filter cleaning, manufacturers often recommend expert services for optimal performance. Heat pumps accumulate more dirt throughout the summer. Therefore, it is preferable to service them in the fall. In Newark, OH, you won’t find a better HVAC company to partner with than True North. We have faithfully served our valued customers for over 26 years and we are proud of the reputation we’ve earned for excellent service. Our team is the one to consult when you have residential heating, cooling, or electrical problems. Trust our family-owned business to provide you with top-quality results and ensure your home’s comfort is restored. Call us today at (740) 780-5954.


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