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jordyn 1.0

Hello!! I had worked for this company for some time, but i HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggest staying away from this company. First off, from assault to me from other employees the never took action for, the poor utterly disgraceful behavior they treat their crews ...with, the money they rip you off on with simple things to make you seem like it’s a bigger issue, and to taking away pay from their employees. Over my time here there was multiple accusations that they had over paid us to taking our pay away from us to even be able to afford to live, some people going home with checks as low as $10. They try to scam you into something and charge you ridiculously high bids to get the most money they can. Break jurisdiction regulations, code ethics and not pulling permits on your house! They do not care to have any type accountability with their responsibility for much anymore. The will drain of every dollar that you own. The amount of times you would be charged for something you never got installed, I couldn’t even count. They will add multiple things to your bids and not mention things then not actually installing them properly up to what you paid for. If it was in my best interest I would use another company for any of your needs other than this company who does nothing but scam people and take your money, along with your worth. You will so gullible to their ways because they are trained to take everything they can from you.Read More...

Barb Stein
Barb Stein 1.0

Will Never deal with this company or recommend! Less than a year ago, I would have said differently but after being great and getting my money they want nothing to do with helping me with the $6k furnace they installed that quit working after a year! ...They just want to charge more money to “come look at it”Read More...

William Miner
William Miner 1.0

Well let's see it's December 30th and the work is still not complete, they started October the 23rd,they basically made my elderly mom install a sump pump, which they said has to be done according to code,which it is not. Watch out for this company, I ...wouldn't recommend them for nothing.Read More...

Lisa Weller
Lisa Weller 5.0
Kathryn Jenks
Kathryn Jenks 5.0

Sam was thorough, professional, meticulous and completed the work in a time manner! I will request him again when I need electrical service!!

Lynette Campbell
Lynette Campbell 5.0

I used their service for a hot water

John Rigas Antjas
John Rigas Antjas 5.0

Professional, courteous, and prompt

Jacob Sturgill
Jacob Sturgill 5.0
John Mack
John Mack 5.0

Very pleased with my experience

Tina Kielmeyer
Tina Kielmeyer 5.0
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