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Water Heater Repair Newark, OH | Water Heater Installation

Technician using a wrench to provide maintenance to a water heater in a resident’s home in Newark, OH.

Dependable Water Heater Services in Newark, OH

When you are experiencing issues with the water in your home not staying hot for very long or waiting a long time for it to warm up, then it is time to get your water heater inspected. At True North, our licensed technicians are certified in water heater repairs, maintenance, and installations and will provide you with quality service. We offer flexible scheduling and honest pricing, so you will never be expected to pay more than what you are quoted. Many Newark, OH residents have been using our top-rated services for their water heater needs. Our technicians will even sit down with you and go over the benefits of our tankless water heater services. Avoid the frustration of inconsistent water temperatures and talk with one of our specialists about our water heater services.

Water Heater Maintenance

On average, a water heater can last up to fifteen years. Many Newark, OH residents will go years without getting maintenance done on their water heater system. Without annual maintenance, it can be hard to reach the average life span of your unit. True North offers skilled technicians experienced in water heater maintenance. Our experts will provide multiple services to help you maintain the efficiency of your water heater system. One of the services includes flushing your water heater to help prevent corrosion from happening inside your unit. Once your water heater corrodes, you will have to replace your unit entirely. Contact us for annual water heater maintenance so you can extend the life span of your unit and not have to worry about expensive replacement costs.

Water Heater Repair

If you notice a puddle of water near your water heater, this is a sign that there could be an issue with your unit’s valve causing your water heater to leak. True North has certified technicians trained in water heater repair services. Our technicians will come to your Newark, OH home and take the time to explain all your repair options. We take pride in providing our customers with the best care, which is why we won’t pressure you into an unnecessary repair on your water heater. Our team stocks their trucks with just enough supplies so that they can service most repairs on site. If you experience water around your water heater, call us at (740)780-5983 for water heater repair before you are left with a flooded mess in your home.

Water heater in the basement of a home in Newark, OH leaking water.

Water Heater Installation

Installing a new water heater is not a task you can do on your own. Water heater units are heavy and can be difficult to move. They also require gas and water lines to be installed and can be very laborious. True North has technicians knowledgeable in water heater installations. Our team understands that new water heaters can cost a few thousand dollars, which is why we offer financing options. We will take the time to discuss all your installation options, so you feel comfortable in the work being done to install a new unit in your Newark, OH home. Reach out to our team for our water heater installation services so you don’t have to worry about being left without warm water in your home.

Tankless Water Heaters

If you are tired of big bulky water heater tanks taking up space in your Newark, OH home, you should consider switching to a tankless water heater. This type of water heater is a lot smaller than a traditional water heater, but don’t let their size fool you; they run just as efficiently as a regular unit, if not better. Once the cold water in a tankless water heater runs through the heat exchange, it instantly warms your water, so you no longer have to wait a while for your water to warm up. Our technicians have experience in installing, repairing, and tuning up a tankless water heater system. These water heaters also require less maintenance and have a longer life span than a traditional system. If you are considering saving space and money in your home, contact us for more information on our tankless water heater services.

Technician using a screwdriver to repair a tankless water heater in a Newark, OH home.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Water Heater

Once the water heater in your Newark, OH home starts to get older, it will begin to require more maintenance and repairs. Constantly having to fix your water heater and having issues with the water pressure in your home can start to become aggravating. True North has certified technicians who can come to your home and install a brand-new water heater quickly and efficiently. Our team will provide you with an honest estimate, so you are never surprised by any hidden fees. Additional benefits of replacing your water heater include:

  • Ease energy consumption. 
  • Prevent water damage.
  • Fewer repair costs.
  • Longer-lasting hot water.
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