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Heating Contractors New Albany OH | Heating Repairs

Heating contractor with a tablet in his hand inspecting the condition of a heating unit in New Albany, OH.

Dependable Heating Contractors in New Albany, OH

When it comes to reliable and trustworthy heating contractors in New Albany, OH, True North stands out as the obvious choice for exceptional service and expert solutions. We have served the community since 1996 as a family-owned heating contractor, earning a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and unparalleled customer service. We understand the importance of a well-functioning heating system in keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. Our skilled team of contractors is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle a wide range of heating issues, from minor repairs to complete installations. We value your time and convenience and offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Additionally, for urgent heating repair needs, we provide same-day service to address any issues and restore your home’s comfort promptly. Don’t compromise on the quality of your heating services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our skilled heating contractors.

How to Find the Best Heating Contractor in New Albany, OH

When it comes to ensuring the comfort and safety of your home, finding the best heating contractor in New Albany, OH is of utmost importance. True North has delivered reliable and expert heating services to the community since 1996. Our company promise is simple yet powerful – “when it comes to comfort and electrical matters, we’ll help you find your True North – the completely comfortable and safe home you deserve”. As a family-owned and locally operated heating contractor, True North has taken pride in being a part of the New Albany, OH community for over two decades. We understand the unique heating needs of our neighbors, and our team of experts provides solutions for all your HVAC replacement, repair, and installation needs. Our skilled heating contractors are licensed and experienced professionals who can handle a wide range of heating services, from HVAC replacement and repair to installing thermostats and heat pumps. Contact us today for reliable heating solutions for your home!

Heating Repair

Are you noticing unusual banging or grinding sounds coming from your heating unit? Has a strong smell of fungus or mold wafted through your vents? Perhaps you’ve seen an unexpected increase in your electric bill. If any of these warning signs sound familiar, it’s time to turn to the heating repair experts at True North. We understand the importance of a well-functioning heating system, especially during the chilly months. Our team of skilled heating contractors is available to examine your HVAC unit, diagnose the issue, and provide reliable solutions. At True North, we take pride in our fully stocked trucks, allowing us to make 93% of repairs on-site. We aim to ensure you don’t have to wait for comfort when your heating system requires attention. We believe in upfront and transparent pricing, ensuring you clearly understand the cost before any work begins. Contact True North in New Albany, OH today to schedule an appointment, and we guarantee that you and your family will stay warm and comfortable throughout the winter season.

Heating Contractor inspecting the air ducts in a heating unit of a New Albany, OH home.

Heating Installation

As your HVAC system reaches the 10 to 15-year mark, it’s natural for it to require frequent repairs and for you to notice a spike in your electric bills. If your system is constantly running, providing uneven heating, or emitting strange noises, it may be time to consider a replacement. The heating contractors at True North in New Albany, OH will thoroughly examine your HVAC unit, identify any underlying issues, and provide transparent solutions with fair pricing. We understand that replacing an HVAC system can be a significant investment, so we offer financing options to ease the burden. By upgrading to a new and energy-efficient system, you can bid farewell to costly repairs, improve indoor air quality, and reduce your energy bills. A new heating system can provide optimal comfort and create a healthier living environment for your family. Don’t let an outdated and inefficient HVAC system compromise your home’s comfort and drain your budget. Contact us and take the first step toward a more comfortable and energy-efficient living space.

Heat Pump Repair & Installation

 A properly functioning heat pump becomes essential to maintaining indoor comfort as the temperatures drop. Suppose you’ve noticed that your heat pump is constantly running, experiencing obstructed airflow, short cycles, excessive condensation, or showing signs of age. In that case, it may be time to consider repair or replacement. In New Albany, OH, True North provides exceptional heat pump repair and installation services to keep your family cozy all winter. We never push unnecessary products or services – instead, we focus on delivering what’s best for you and your home. If your heat pump displays signs of wear and tear or is no longer operating efficiently, a replacement may be the optimal choice. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to find the perfect heat pump that fits your home’s unique needs and budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to book an appointment with our skilled technicians!

Heating Contractor repairing a heating unit outside the home of a New Albany, OH resident.

Thermostat Repair

Your thermostat plays a crucial role in regulating your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. When it starts to exhibit signs of trouble, it can disrupt your indoor climate and lead to inefficiencies.  If your heating system is constantly turning on and off without being prompted, it may be a sign that your thermostat needs repair. When your system turns on and off frequently in short intervals, it can result in unnecessary wear and tear, reducing its efficiency and potentially leading to more significant problems.  Other warning signs to look out for are rattling or humming sounds from the thermostat or the battery constantly draining after replacing them. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly examine your thermostat, diagnosing any issues accurately. We provide transparent and honest pricing, ensuring you are fully aware of the cost before any work begins. Don’t let a faulty thermostat compromise your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Call True North in New Albany, OH, today to regain precise control of your home’s comfort. 

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