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Water Heater Repair Lancaster, OH | Water Heater Installation

Technician using a wrench to provide maintenance to a water heater in a resident’s home in Lancaster, OH.

Dependable Water Heater Services in Lancaster, OH

If you find your home’s water doesn’t remain hot for very long or takes forever to heat up, it may be time to get your water heater inspected. Water heater repairs, maintenance, and installations are all services our trained staff at True North is qualified to perform. We are both accommodating to your schedule and transparent with our prices, so you’ll never have to worry about being overcharged. Many people in Newark, OH have been taking advantage of our top-rated water heater services. Our specialists will also take the time to sit with you and go over all the advantages of our tankless water heater services. Get in touch with one of our pros to learn more about our water heater services, and rest easy knowing you won’t be without hot water for long.

Water Heater Maintenance

Many homeowners in Lancaster, OH will go years before they have any kind of maintenance performed on their water heaters. One of the maintenance services True North provides is our certified technicians will flush your system to prevent it from scaling. If your water heater does not get flushed regularly, it will start to corrode, which will create cracks in your unit. Our specialists will visit your home to inspect your water heater, identify any necessary repairs, and provide other maintenance services to ensure that your water heater operates efficiently. Contact us immediately to schedule routine maintenance for your water heater to avoid the inconvenience and expense of a malfunctioning unit.

Water Heater Repair

Over time dirt and dust can accumulate in the bottom of your water heater, causing the heating element to burn the sediment, creating loud banging noises to come from your water heater. If you hear strange noises coming from your system, you should call True North. Our team of professionals will be able to come to your Lancaster, OH home and diagnosis and repair the problems with your water heater. If you ignore the loud noises coming from your unit, you could risk it shutting down or leaving you with more repair bills. Our specialists take pride in providing our customers with quality care they can trust, which is why we will provide you with expert advice and will never try to push unnecessary repairs on you. Avoid buying a brand-new unit and contact us for your water heater repair services.

Water heater in the basement of a home in Lancaster, OH leaking water.

Water Heater Installation

When you turn on the water in your Lancaster, OH home and discover discolored brown water flowing from your sink or tub, it is possible that your water heater needs to be replaced. Rust will enter your water once your water heater begins to deteriorate. This can be hazardous to your health and may cause your water heater to fail. True North employs professional experts who are knowledgeable about water heater installation. Our staff understands how difficult it may be to install a water heater because of the difficulties of moving it around due to the bulkiness of the system and the installation of water and gas lines, which is why our specialists take the time to go through all your installation options. Avoid putting your health at risk by drinking rusty water, and contact us for replacement water heater installation.

Tankless Water Heaters

When you sit and wait for the water to warm up in your sinks or tubs, you tend to waste water you are not using. With a tankless water heater from True North, you no longer have to worry about wasting water. When you turn on the hot water faucet in your home, the cold water will instantly run through the heat exchange in your tankless system and instantly warm it up, so you no longer have to wait for your water to get warm. Many homeowners in Lancaster, OH have contacted us for their tankless water heater installation, repairs, and maintenance services. We will take the time to go over the installation process and find the best tankless water heater that best fits your home. Save money on your water bill and call us at (740)780-5983 for a tankless water heater service.

Technician using a screwdriver to repair a tankless water heater in a Lancaster, OH home.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Water Heater

Many homeowners in Lancaster, OH dread having to replace their water heater once it breaks down. At True North, we understand how this can become a costly expense you may not be ready for. That is why we offer financing options for water heater installations. Our specialists will take the time to help you find a unit that best fits your home and budget. There are many benefits to replacing your water heater. Some of those benefits include:

  • Ease energy consumption. 
  • Prevent water damage.
  • Fewer repair costs.
  • Longer-lasting hot water.
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