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Furnace Repair Lancaster OH | Furnace Installation

A certified technician administers repairs to a residential furnace in Lancaster, OH.

Exceptional Furnace Services in Lancaster, OH

Once winter approaches in the Midwest, you must be able to rely on your furnace to keep you safe and warm in your own home. During the coldest months of the year, if the weather is severe and you don’t have enough heat, it may quickly become a dangerous situation for you and your family. Because we rely on our heating systems to maintain a comfortable temperature in our homes, we need to make sure they are properly maintained by experts with years of experience and access to the best training and equipment. Over the course of our 26 years in business, True North has devotedly serviced our clients with exceptional success. Whether you need furnace installation, maintenance, or repairs, we can handle any job with competence and professionalism. Please think about using our family-owned company in Lancaster, OH, for your heating needs. Call now!

Furnace Maintenance in Lancaster, OH

There are several ways to properly maintain your furnace to ensure that it keeps operating effectively in your home for 20 years or more. When you require a certified HVAC professional to carry out seasonal maintenance on your heating system, True North is your best choice for quality results you can trust. You should trust the years of experience and knowledge our technicians have for furnace maintenance and system inspections in Lancaster, OH. During our routine visit, one of our experts will inspect your system’s internal and external components to check for any inefficiencies. The replacement of the air filter and a thorough cleaning are both assured, and any necessary repairs will be completed right away. To schedule a furnace maintenance appointment, give our staff a call. We’ll work with you to find a time that’s convenient for you.

Furnace Repair in Lancaster, OH

Residents of Lancaster, OH, have relied on True North to fix their furnaces for more than 26 years. Since then, our standing in the Midwest’s home and commercial heating system repair industry has continued to improve. You can count on the exceptional results we consistently deliver to our clients and the decades of knowledge we have to support our efficient approaches to problem-solving. If you are experiencing heater issues, such as the system blowing cool air or operating nonstop for hours to heat your home, you should make an appointment with our specialists. When something isn’t working properly, furnaces frequently produce warning signs to draw attention to the problem. One of our experts will inspect your furnace and check for any damaged belts or blower parts that need repair in order to prolong its life and improve its performance. No matter what kind of system repair is necessary, we will provide top-quality support every step of the way.

A young female homeowner wrapped in a blanket to stay warm in her cold home in Lancaster, OH, while talking on the phone to a furnace repair technician.

Furnace Installation in Lancaster, OH

Your family’s safety and comfort depend on you having a reliable and fully functional furnace. Our professionals at True North will install a brand-new unit and make sure the lifespan of your entire heating system is extended, whether you are moving into a new home or beginning construction on a new residence. Upgrading your furnace can cut your energy costs while also ensuring years of trouble-free operation thanks to modern heating efficiency. Our experts can help you select a new furnace that suits your needs while installing and replacing obsolete or broken units that have outlived their usefulness. Contact our team right away to receive a free estimate on our furnace installation services in Lancaster, OH, and learn more about how we can improve the safety and comfort of your home.

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance in Lancaster, OH

When was the last time you scheduled an appointment for furnace maintenance? To prevent expensive repairs and ensure your heating system is running properly, our HVAC technicians at True North recommend having it inspected at least once a year. It’s time to call our industry professionals to schedule a furnace maintenance inspection if you find that your furnace needs to run longer to heat your home, makes loud grinding noises when it turns on, or has been blowing cool air through your duct system. There are a number of advantages you’ll notice right away when you engage our team of experts in Lancaster, OH, to take care of your furnace:

  • Provides Proper Airflow Throughout Home
  • Boosts Energy Efficiency of Furnace
  • Guarantees Fewer System Repairs
  • Lowers Each Monthly Energy Bill
  • Increases System Longevity
  • Keeps Your Home & Family Safe
A professional service technician installing a new boiler in a Lancaster, OH, residence.

Boiler Repair Services in Lancaster, OH

If you and your family are struggling with boiler issues, contact True North in Lancaster, OH. When you’re having problems with your system, we guarantee to always be there for our clients, especially when you need us most. By taking care of small issues as soon as they arise, you can probably save money and avoid more expensive repairs, so keep an eye out for signs that your boiler is having serious problems. The most obvious issue is insufficient heat in your home, which is easy to notice. There may also be other problems, such as persistent leaks and strange noises emanating from your appliance, like pounding or rattling. You can be certain that you’ll work with the most skilled and experienced specialists in the region when you bring these problems to True North and select us for the repairs. To gain your trust and satisfaction, we pledge to deliver exceptional service on every job. If you want to benefit from our first-rate services, call (740) 780-5983 today.

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