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Clean Up Your Electrical Hazards This Spring

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to clean out your closet, donate your unwanted items, and to have your generator maintenanced to be sure it’s ready for storm season in Ohio!

Inspecting the condition of your electrical devices is not necessarily on the list of things to do during your spring clean up, but it should be!  Even if you have experienced no concerns through the winter, you will want to be sure to discover and eliminate any potential electrical issues before they become troublesome.

Below are some ways you can minimize your electrical risks while spring cleaning.

Check Your Cords

People seem to love to use extension cords of all kinds, even though they add an additional tier of risk to your electrical devices.  These cords are rarely considered until something goes wrong. 

While you’re tidying up your home this spring, it’s worth taking the time to inspect the various extension cords you have lying around to ensure each one is still in safe, serviceable condition – and hasn’t sustained any damage (breaks in the cable or charred outlets). If the covering has been stripped away, the outlets are charred or the device has been exposed to water, it’s better to eliminate the risk by replacing the cord.

Clean Your Stove’s Exhaust

With so many restaurants being closed over the last year or so, cooking at home has become more commonplace for more people than at any time in recent memory.  All of this additional use has a tendency to allow grease to build up on your stove’s hood system.  For this reason, it’s well worth taking the time to clean your hood of any grease, debris, or food particles that may have accumulated there, since failing to do so increases the chance that it could ignite.  Although less common than in a commercial kitchen, every year many residential kitchen hoods ignite and cause serious damage to the home. 

Schedule an Electrical Inspection

We’ve listed some things that you can do before enlisting the help of an electrical professional.  Once you have done them, there is great value in scheduling an electrician to come to your home.  The main reason being your peace of mind.  Most people don’t understand electricity, how it works or the signs of a potential problem.  Much like going to the doctor, preventative maintenance is the prescription of the day!  The other main reason you should have your home’s electrical system professionally inspected is that some issues aren’t readily apparent to the untrained eye.  Carbon dust, frozen breakers, water tracking, improper grounding and burned buss bars are all things that are not usually caught outside of an inspection, but are symptoms of a larger issue that you’ll want to treat immediately.   

To find out more about reducing risks to your electrical system, or to receive a quote for electrical maintenance services in Columbus, OH and surrounding, call your friends at 

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